Montreal HiFi Expo 2006

When March 24-25-26, 2006
Place Sheraton Centre, Room 1023
1201, Rene-Levesque Blvd West, Montreal, Quebec
Thanks to Vince and Nico for lending us a pair of Totem Forest speakers. Unfortunately due to the confined layout of the room, we were not able to use the Forest.

Thanks to Bernard of Charisma Audio, we demonstrated our Air Tight amplifiers with JAS Audio speakers with great results.

Thanks to Bruno of Konnect Son Canada for lending us two pairs of Nordost interconnect.

There is a heated debate going on in one of the forums here, but please, we spend our hard earned money on audio components to enjoy ourselves, not to get frustrated. Go to a piano showroom and try two pianos side by side, just hit the middle C, and you will hear a difference, even though they are both properly tuned by the same person. There are properties/attributes in sound that we currently cannot quantify, and our brains have certain preferences to these properties, just like we have preferences to certian food and smell. What matters is you spend your money on things that you like, and trying different things out is half of the fun in this hobby. [2006-03-30]

Equipment list of the show:
Make Model
Source McIntosh MVP860
Pre-amp Air Tight ATC-2
Power amp Air Tight ATM-211 Special Edition
Speakers JAS Oscar
Power Conditioning IsoClean PT-3030G with Focus cables
Power Cord - Source IsoClean Auto Focus
Power Cord - Preamp IsoClean Auto Focus
Power Cord - Amp IsoClean Focus
Inter Connect - CD to Pre Nordost Tyr
Inter Connect - Pre to Power Nordost Valhalla

Report from Ultra Audio

Report from Audio Federation

More show reports to follow......