DF-01U Orb Disc Flatter

Even though CDs have become one of the basic means to listen to music today, there are still many people who love records and want to appreciate their sounds. Many of these analog discs, however, have become warped after a long storage period and can no longer produce a good sound. As a result, many people have had to give up listening to the music on their old records. Our high-end equipment, the Orb Disc Flatter, will flatten these warped discs and return them to their original condition in just a few hours.

Most records, which are made of vinyl chloride, often warp because of the storage conditions or due to humidity. The semiconductor film heater in the Disc Flatter warms the surface of a disc evenly at an appropriate temperature. The surface of the disc is pressed, but the grooves will not be damaged.

The records manufactured by Sheffield Lab cannot be flattened by this product. There is a possibility of record damaged at worst, it may not be played anymore.


Power Consumption 300W (Max)
Maximum Temperature of the Heater Plate 65 degrees Celsius
Dimensions (W x H x D) 475 x 75 x 554 mm
Weight 10 kg