ATM-300 SET Stereo Power Amplifier
Monumental Resuscitation of Sonic Attributes
  • Legendary musical charms of jubilee-long reputed 300B direct-heated valve
  • Self-biased Class-A operation at 300B output stage
  • 3-stage triode amplification for sublimate musicality
  • DC-driven heater to reduce noise inherent in direct-heated valve
  • Bias/current meter to check optimum operation of output valve
  • Damping selector control to create one's favourite sound
  • Lavish employment of second-to-none, custom-selected components
  • Copper-plated chassis to remove magnetic distortion
  • Attenuator on direct CD input
The Absolute Sound 2007 Editors' Choice Awards: "The Air Tight ATM 300 is one of the handful of 300B SET amplifiers that lays claim to magical sound extending beyond the midrange. The amp's airy highs, natural tonality, and low-bass extension defy common perceptions of 300B SETs."

Valves employed 300B x 2, 5U4G x 1, 12BH7A x 2, 12AU7A (ECC82) x 2
Rated output 8W + 8W (8 homs)
THD less than 1% (6W)
Input sensitivity 230, 300, 450mV
Damping factor 0, 4, 6dB adjustable
Dimensions 430 (W) x 275(D) x 245 (H) mm
Weight 24 kgs