ATM-3 Monaural Power Amplifier
Impeccable Harmony of Art and Sound
  • 6CA7 output valves for high reliability and affluent musicality under triple push-pull configuration
  • Selector between UL and TRIODE modes enabling to match the amp operation to type of speaker used, or the sound to your personal taste
  • Bias adjustment enabling each and all valves to exhibit the same operational performance
  • Removal of PCB for vivid, natural sonic reproduction
  • Large power transformer with heavy duty choke coil and reputed Tamura output transformer
  • Muting delay system to protect output valves

Valves employed 6CA7 x 6, 12AX7 x 1, 12AU7 x 1
Rated output 110W (UL), 55W (triode)
Intput impedance 100 kohms
Features UL/triode mode selector, bias adjuster
Dimensions 405 (W) x 340(D) x 220 (H) mm
Weight 25 kgs