ATM-1S Stereo Power Amplifier
Hallmark of 20th Anniversary - Final version of the legendary ATM-1!

The ultimate circuit configuration reflecting a comprehensive survey of 20-year accumulated studies on the EL34 (6CA7) valves.

  • The orthodox circuitry composed of Mullard phase inverter with NFb under UL connection reproduces the sublime treble with second-to-none musicality inherent in the acclaimed EL34 valve.
  • A hefty headroom in output capability achieved by a newly developed transformer boasting of 60W handling capacity ensures stable operation for long time use.
  • Bias adjustment facilities (meter, switch & pots) provided for easy service accessibility.
  • Retained unchanged are those outstanding features such as point-to-point manual wirings without PCB, CD-direct input, full OFC wiring etc.

Valves employed EL34 x 4, 12AU7 x 2, 12AX7 x 1
Rated output 36W + 36W (8 ohms)
THD below 0.1% (1kHz, 1W), below 1% (1kHz, 36W)
Frequency response 20Hz - 20,000Hz (1dB, 36W)
Input sensitivity 1V
Input impedance 100 kohm
S/N ratio 100dB (IHF-A curve, input-shorted)
Power consumption about 250W
Load impedance 4ohm, 8ohm
Dimensions 368 (W) x 293(H) x 231 (D) mm
Weight 22 kgs