ATE-2005 Almighty Phono EQ Amplifier
Setting up a new milestone in playback of analogue disc

Taking conventional vinyl-discs in no way inferior to contemporary digital discs, the A & M have been introducing a series of analogue-related products such as the ATC-1, ATE-2, ATE-2001. Of late, many of the discerning audiophiles have been taking a new look at the existing vinyl discs, and recognizing anew the real value of analogue-recorded sounds.

Consistently sticking to analogue format employing vacuum tubes as amplifying components, now grandly introduced is the almighty phono equaliser amplifier ATE-2005.



1. Onboard head-amp for MC cartridge:

The low-noise, wide-band head-amp composed of FET provides necessary gain for MC type cartridges. Any impedance, whether low or high, shall be accommodated.

2. Tube for amplifying component:

The equalizer employing NF 2-stage,SRPP circuitry and low-impedance output stage insure high-precision RIAA compliance by means of stable NFB throughout entire frequency spectrum. Here used are the strictly selected & long-hour aged ECC83’s boasting of low noise & high stability

3. Removal of PCB:

To feed music signals unimpaired, we dare to employ painstaking manual wiring method, choosing the most suitable wires according to characteristics of each signal current.

4. Independent 4 sections:

To avoid mutual interferences for low-noise operation, the whole circuitry is divided into 4 different blocks, namely, MC amp, valves, EQ amp and power supply. For an EQ amp that deals with feeble signals from a cartridge, it’s indispensable to have low noise, low distortion and low loss characteristics. The rigid chassis structure suppresses vibrations independently in 4 functionally divided sections. The amp circuit specially disposed on the copper-plated portion to reinforce resistance to magnetism further helps shut off mutual interferences.

5?Multiple inputs, 1 MC & 2 MM:

The MC input coupled to the built-in head amp is for connection with the MC cartridge, while the other two MM inputs make it possible to utilise external connection of the MC step-up transformer or separate head amp.

6. Demagnetiser circuit:

The “degauss” function removes accumulated magnetism in cartridge core during playback of record disc.

Input impedance MC: 47kΩ MM: 100Ω
Gain MC: 30dB MM: 53dB
Output impedance 600Ω
Valve employed ECC83 x 3
Weight 7kgs
Dimensions 370(W) x 280(D) x 100(H)mm