ATC-CB3 Carbon Block Audio Insulator

How to remove the vibrations of  Amp, CD Player & Turntable?

If you want simply to shut off vibrations, it is possible by means of "air-floating" system. But to make speaker sound more musical, there are many accessories and devices available in the marketplace.

But wood piece adds sound inherent to wood, and metal has its own sound. It is known that each metal, e.g. aluminium, copper, stainless steel, etc. offers its specific sound, and beryllium-copper is regarded as the best among various metals.

Now by chance, when experiment was made by use of carbon block, it was auditionally confirmed that the most comfortable and musical sound was reproduced without colouration and that the sonic definition was remarkably enhanced.

Normally, when the resolutions are improved, the sounds get harsh, but in the case of carbon block, sonic echoes are ameliorated and the definitions are enhanced, on top of that, music gets sharper in sound thanks to removal of vibrations.

With regard to the shape and application, it is confirmed that the bigger the contact space, the stronger the energy feeling in midrange and bass area. We also came to know that in case of support by pin-point system such energy sensation is not increased though definition is surely improved. For example, we can easily hear the difference between its placement at the screw portion of the bottom plate of CD player and its application at the flat portion having more contact space (even avoiding the legs).

Incidentally, we applied this insulator to many places. We could not see any noticeable improvement when placed underneath the speakers. This insulator is particularly effective for such small-signal audio components as turntable, CD player, and pre-amp. etc.