Acoustic Masterpiece AM-201 Integrated Amplifier
Air Tight's sound quality at an affordable price point

Those who has actually seen and touched an Air Tight amplifier will appreciate its build quality. These works of art are being created by a very small team of experienced engineers and technicians, by hand, one piece at a time, in Japan. Unfortunately that makes Air Tight amplifiers out of the reach of most music lovers; to answer their calls, Mr. Miura started another brand: Acoustic Masterpiece, so as to preserve the integrity of the Air Tight name.

The AM-201 is manufactured in China, however the design is done by the same original team of Air Tight engineers. All major components are sourced from Japan, and the final quality control is done through a third party in Hong Kong. As with all other Air Tight products, the design did not come overnight, it is the result of 15 years of continuous refinement:

1. Pure transparent sound with the renowned Air Tight musicality derived from our time-tested valve technology.

2. Useful auto-bias system for safe and reliable operation under parallel push-pull configuration.

3. 100% hand-elaborated, point-to-point, PCB-free wiring for stable, long-life performance.

4. Luxurious cosmetics featuring thick aluminium extruded front & rear panels, bias balance meter and genuine-wood case.

Output power 22W x 2 (rms)
Valves employed EL84 (6BQ5/6P14) x 8, 12AU7 x 2, 12AX7 x 1
Frequency response 20Hz - 25kHz
THD 1% (1kHz)
Input sensitivity 230mV
S/N ratio 90dB
Output load impedance 4 or 8 ohms
Dimensions 358 x 173 x 295 mm (WxHxD)
Weight 15 kgs