TX Series Hi-Fi Racks 


Different dimension of selected hardwood strips are laid inside each shelf under "Natural Coupling Ratio" (NCR). NCR dilutes the resonance of the material itself, and hardwood strips effectively transfer resonance out of audio gear, providing the most neutral supporting platform to the equipment.

Magnetic Grounding

Consists of two parts: absorption layer and dissipation layer. Absorption layer works as an antenna, absorb RF/EMI in atmosphere. Dissipation layer dissipate RF/EMI to energy which is harmless to sound reproduction. Since dissipation layer continuously dissipate RF/EMI, there is an unlimited shielding protection formed around the equipment.


Q-Layer is made of a kind of special organic compound that lowers Q-factor of each shelf, further dilutes the resonance from the material itself. Moreover, Q-Layer enhances mechanical strength and damping of the rack.

Solid Wood Column

Provides stable support for your audio gears. Solid columns also enhance mechanical grounding of resonance and avoid unwanted resonance arising from a hollow column.

Premium Veneer Finishing

High quality wood craftsmanship with elegant veneer finished. Matched with traditional to contemporary lifestyle home decor.