Please read the following information carefully before unpacking your new Lowther driver unit

All Lowther drive units are fitted with extremely powerful magnet assemblies, and are built to very close tolerances. Ferrous foreign particles will be attracted to these magnetic assemblies from seemingly impossible distances. The most powerful magnetic strength is in the region of the air gap that contains the speech coil. Foreign matter entering the air gap cannot release itself. This will cause a rubbing or buzzing sound when the drive unit is in use. The abrasive action caused by this rubbing will eventually damage the insulation on the speech coil, which can result in the complete breakdown of the unit.

In order to avoid this happening, the following precautions should be taken:

  1. Prepare your speaker cabinet to receive the new unit, and clean the grill cloth, before removing the plastic bag that protects the unit.
  2. Do not place the new unit on the floor or carpet.
  3. Keep the unit at a reasonable distance from personal clothing.
  4. Wipe clean all tools that are to be used for fitting.
  5. Do not use brushes on the cabinet frill cloth during domestic cleaning. Only use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose.

Recommendations for using the Driver Unit

The cones, suspensions and balanced speech coil windings have all received specialised treatments during the course of manufacture. The maximum benefits will be obtained from this treatment if, during the first thirty hours of playing, the volume of the sound is kept to normal domestic listening levels. On first hearing these new units, it will be difficult to believe that they can be further improved by this short "running in" period. But be assured the performance will be steadily enhanced throughout each hour of playing.

Additional precautions applicable to drive units fitted with aluminium coils. In order to prolong the life of your drive unit, it is recommended that prior to playing music through your speakers, you allow a two minute warming-up period by switching on the amplifier without volume gain. This will allow the aluminium coil to warm through, thus causing the wire to become more malleable. This is particularly important when using your Hi-Fi equipment for the first time after a lengthy period of non-use. If this procedure is followed each time you wish to use your Lowthers you can be assured of many years of trouble free listening pleasure.

Additional information applicable to the 'DX' and 'EX' series Drive Units

The 'DX' and 'EX' ranges of drive units are fitted with Rare Earth magnet systems of extremely high magnetic strength, and therefore particular attention should be paid to the pre-fitting recommendations listed above whilst these drive units are outside the cabinets.

The Rare EArth magnets can affect the performance of televisions, computers and software, tape recorders, and audio and video cassettes.

Persons fitted with heart pacemakers are advised not to handle these drive units.

Under no circumstances should the shielding covers be removed from the magnet systems of these drive units.