Single Driver

Founded in the 30's by Paul A.G.H. Voigt and Donald Maynard Chave, Lowther is synonymous with single and double driver horn loaded speakers. Being in the industry for so long with a cult-like following is no coincidence. Other than the legendary twin cone drivers, their after sales services like drive unit upgrade and replacement are second to none.

Lowther manufactures some of the strongest magnetized drivers in the world, frequently also the most efficient ones. The cones are made of specially treated cartridge paper and very light weight, with a small excursion of only ± 1 millimeters. The above properties, combined with a crossoverless speaker design, present a very easy load for the amplifier. That is why Lowther speakers are the preferred choice for single ended triode amplification.

Very few speakers have this uncanny presence, clarity, coherence, and sheer musical dynamism, not to mention the ability to do all that with just two or three watts of amplifier power. Yet people associate Lowther with weak bass, which is not necessarily true. Deep bass can be achieved with a bigger cabinet, like the Big Fun Horn and Hedlund Horn. Alternatively we can recommend an active subwoofer to get you the last few Hz, but majority of Lowther fans prefer the pure approach, as most cabinet designs can go down flat to 50-60Hz already.