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Isoclean Power was established with the mission of retrieving the original audio signal from the music sources. From our experiences and researches, vibrations, RFI, EMI interferences are the villain of audio transmission. After numerous testing and experiments, we also found that electricity is the soul of the hi-fi equipment, so we first aimed at looking into the purification of market power supply, which is the main factor affecting the stability of hi-fi components. For this reason, our Isolation Transformer is the key product of our company. The marvellous change after using it is a shock to audiophiles.

In addition, we also design Isotips, Cable Stabilizer, RCA isolator, Power Bar, Audio and Power Cables, Speaker Cables and Isoplane with the finest materials and sophisticated shielding, to ensure clean transmission of audio signal. Different accessories are also provided to maximize RFI, EMI interference to deliver transparent, neutral and natural music signal. Carefully selected and high quality materials are used in the manufacturing of our products.

The full-line of Isoclean Power products meets the needs of carping audiophiles. Please come and listen!