Fewer Components - More Technology - Superior Sound Engineered and Produced in Canada

Derrick Moss, President and Chief Designer of Aurum Acoustics, insists in doing things the right way. His Integris CDP and Integris Active 300B utilize tremendous technology and are both highly customized internally to maximize their potential. They include design choices and opportunities that are impossible to achieve in the domain of separate components. Many of the elements within these designs may be recognized touchstones for high performance audio but with his unique brand of refined implementation, he has taken them to new levels.

Paying attention to every last detail, Derrick has chosen to use IsoClean fuses in the Aurum Acoustics amplifiers. The Isoclean fuses enable greater soundstaging dimensionality, and layering, contributing to a greater sense of realism overall.

Here is a review of Aurum Acoustics Integris CDP CD Player, and the reviewer has some nice words about the IsoClean fuse.